Members' N Scale Layouts

Port Asbestos: St. James Subdivision

Rob's Port Asbestos Terminal/St. James Sub is an 8'x12' N scale layout built for operation, with small trains but plenty of action! The layout is based "somewhere" in the northeast and was once a connection between Canadian Pacific and Conrail (now CSX). The layout can support 5 operators with none of them bumping into each other. The layout boasts an active port with car-float operation, a midsized paper mill, brewery, a local town switch job, a yard switcher, a road job (running trains to the port and back and the mill and back), and more.

Procrastination & Southern: Grand Trunk Forever!

Mistyville Subdivision

Will's 13'X8' freelanced layout featuring the town of Mistyville is located somewhere between New Jersey and Maine.  Mistyville is serviced by Amtrak,  New York, Susquehanna, and Western, and interchanges with CSX. But time anomalies cause giant leaps back in time, causing Mistyville to suddenly be serviced by Pennsylvania Railroad.  There are operational elements, with a small yard, a roundhouse, Art Vandelay's Import-Export business, D&L Baked Beans, Buddy's Maple Syrup Factory, and the Koneko Tank Farm. Oh, and there's a Godzilla. Will began working on the layout with his daughter in early 2020 based on a 4'X8' track plan from Nine N Scale Railroads (N-16 "Atlantic Longhaul)." Over time, the "round and roundy" layout received significant changes, including two large additions as Kato track replaced the Atlas snaptrack.