MaiNe Trak: We're the "N" in Maine 

MaiNe Trak Model Railroading Club: We're the "N" in Maine! The way model railroading should be. 

MaiNe Trak is a model railroad club focusing on N scale  (1:160) modules, which are portable, free standing sections of track and scenery that when all assembled together form a large and fully operating model railroad. 

MaiNe Trak is based in Southern Maine. 

Our modules are built following our own unique standards. This allows for modules to be setup together in a variety of ways, but each module will match each other exactly. We are an informal group, meeting at members houses in a round robin fashion. As a group we will be attending and operating at a variety of model railroad shows in the area. 

We show our modules at model railroading shows all around New England, including the Marlborough and Springfield, Massachusetts shows and the Topsham, Maine show.

N Scale Photo: MaiNe Track, the way life should be.

If you are interested in joining our club in person or meeting up with us at a train show, please drop us a line

Our members make their own modules and help build and scenic our club modules. Many of our members have their own layouts. If you are interested in seeing one of our layouts or joining in on an operating session, send us a message!

Thank you,
MaiNe Trak

Here are some photos from the Marlborough, Massachusetts 2023 train show: 

Here are some photos from the Springfield, Massachusetts 2023 train show: 

A NYS&W excursion train. . .
Ray's new Grand Trunk caboose. . .

Here are some photos from the Marlborough, Massachusetts 2022 train show: 

N Scale Photo: Droege Ave. Freight Terminal
N Scale Canadian National train station with Amtrak locomotive.
N Scale New England Central locomotive
N Scale Maine trains passing each other.
N Scale Maine: Only in model railroading can CN locomotives pass the PRR Broadway limited on a double line main near a South Portland, Maine tank farm.
N Scale Maine: A yellow-jacketed Susquehanna SD60 leads a manifest train past the gravel factory.